Safety is Our Top Priority

Ensuring child safety is fundamental to the mission of Children’s Aid

At Children’s Aid, we work every day to create a safe, fun environment so kids can have every opportunity to succeed and thrive. We have ZERO tolerance for inappropriate behavior of any kind, and we put resources behind that stance. 

Culture of Safety
Children’s Aid continually updates robust safety policies, procedures, programs, and training for our staff and volunteers that are designed to promote child safety and protect young people from threats that are present in our society. We implement layers of safety policies and guidelines to keep our kids safe including:

  • monthly staff meetings that include a variety of child safety topics
  • regular staff orientation on policies and procedures for reporting potential child and youth safety issues
  • internet safety and social media policies and procedures (including appropriate monitoring of staff and youth use)
  • quarterly custodial/compliance inspections of all program sites
  • annual security inspections
  • annual inspections of all physical security devices, emergency lighting, evacuation signage, outdoor play equipment, and internal space
  • intruder (ALICE) training for all staff
  • comprehensive safety plans at each site
  • regularly scheduled evacuation, fire safety, and emergency drills
  • S-95 and HIPAA training for all security and facilities staff
  • response team trained in CPR and first aid at most sites 

Safety Policies
Children’s Aid has comprehensive safety policies and procedures in place that protect youth – including, but not limited to, supervision, transportation, communication, and prohibiting private one-on-one contact. We comply with federal, state, and local safety laws, including those impacting facilities and vehicles. 

Mandatory Background Checks
Mandatory criminal background checks are required - for every staff and board member at Children’s Aid. In addition, criminal background checks are required for any volunteer who has direct contact with children. We receive up to the minute information on any potential criminal activity by volunteers and staff throughout their employment with Children’s Aid. All potential employees and volunteers are screened through the New York State Central Registry.

Required Immediate Reporting
Children’s Aid
 staff and volunteers are all mandated reporters to the New York State Central Registry. Direct service staff are trained on internal and external reporting requirements when emergencies arise. Mandated reporting to local enforcement and oversight entities is initiated immediately.

Mandatory Annual Safety Assessments
We complete a safety assessment each year to ensure we continually make improvements to safety at all our sites. These safety assessments are also reviewed annually by external licensing agencies as required.

Safety Trainings
Ongoing training and supervision of staff is critical. We participate in a wide variety of child safety training conducted such as seminars, conferences, and webinars.

Safety Partnerships
Children’s Aid partners with local precincts and community based medical and mental health clinics.

Children’s Aid consistently advocates for the passage of legislation at all levels of government that contributes to the development of safety practices that benefit ALL youth-serving organizations.

Young people deserve nothing less than our constant focus on their safety and our firm commitment to protect every child who is entrusted to our care at Children’s Aid.

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